20 Apr 2015

Games Breakfast Briefing: Tax Breaks and Creative Opportunity

Have the recent government tax breaks for the Games Industry increased opportunities for creativity and innovation? 

06 Apr 2015 to 12 Apr 2015

Norwich Gaming Festival

A completely free and inclusive festival, open to the general public, celebrating all aspects of video games and their development. Join us for workshops, activities and a lot of fun!

13 Apr 2015 to 14 Apr 2015

Ways To Fund Your Start-Up Company

Author: Jenny Brammall
Ella Romanos is the Commercial Director at Strike Gamelabs, and at the Student & Indie Games Conference at Staffordshire University she talked Ukie students through the different funding opportunities and methods available to start-up companies.

21 Apr 2015 to 26 Apr 2015

International Games Week Berlin

The INTERNATIONAL GAMES WEEK BERLIN 2015, in institutional partnership with Ukie, is a leading cross-industry communication and networking platform for games business, development and culture.