25 Feb 2016

Galvanising Guildford Games - G3 Networking Event

Following last year’s inaugural G3 Futures event for the Guildford games industry, we asked you what was needed to keep Guildford about games.

18 Jan 2016 to 22 Jan 2016

London Mobile Games Week 2016

London Mobile Games Week is a week of hosted events for professionals in the tech, creative and entertainment sectors, with a core focus on mobile games.

24 Sep 2015 to 27 Sep 2015

Ukie Careers Bar @ EGX

If you're headed to EGX, make sure you visit the GamesIndustry.Biz Career Fair and check out the Ukie Careers Bar. We are delighted to have scheduled talks on the Thursday, Friday & Saturday of EGX featuring speakers from PlayStation Access, Unity, Rare, Pinewood Studios, Arch Creatives and R

24 Sep 2015

Developing Games on 64-bit Android

“64-bit” has become a big buzzword for mobile hardware with the launch of Apple A7 in 2013 and Android L in 2014. 

Games Art + Design Webinar TODAY!

Author: Jenny Brammall

Don't forget to tune in to the UkieTV Twitch stream at 1pm TODAY to see Caitlin Goodale (Graphic Designer at Lift London), Chris Roe (Art Director at Fat Pebble) and newest addition Ed Fear (Creative Producer at Mediatonic) talk about art and design in games! You can ask them questions throughout the stream, as well as hear their top tips and experiences of working in the industry. Don't miss it!