23 Jun 2016

Harbottle & Lewis Virtual Reality session as part of London Technology Week 2016

On Thursday 23 June a panel of industry experts will be delving into the key issues affecting the VR industry today as well as considering what the future might hold. Registration starts at 5:45pm, with drinks and canapés to follow after the session. 

Harbottle & Lewis

Careers Series: Games Lawyer

Author: Jenny Brammall

For this week's Careers Series, Ukie Students spoke to games industry and eSports lawyer Pete Lewin about his career in the games industry from a legal perspective.

Ukie Students: Please can you introduce yourself and your current role in a few sentences.

07 Jun 2016

IP & Legal Affairs Group

Our IP Sub Group meets every 6-8 weeks to discuss latest IP related issues and shape Ukie’s overall IP strategy. Recent Sub Group activity has focused on gaining member input on shaping the IP Protection services that will be offered to as part of the membership to members from September.