05 Nov 2019

Games | Drinks | Edinburgh

A series of 10 minute talks followed by general networking / drinks to encourage collaboration and communication between local developers. Sorry, no students.

13 Jun 2016 to 01 Jul 2016

International Festival For Business

Games for all: empowering UK games businesses to go global. Your global marketplace: 13 June - 1 July 2016 at the Exhibition Centre, Liverpool.

12 May 2016 to 13 May 2016

VRX Europe 2016

Ready, set, go! Lead from the front as consumers look for the best VR experiences in gaming, marketing, film & entertainment through 2016…

After the stand out success of VRX USA in November 2015, the next stop for the VRX Series is London in May 2016.

23 Feb 2016

Growing your games business - Leamington Spa

Come and join fellow games developers and publishers and identify new opportunities to support the growth of your business.


18 Jan 2016 to 22 Jan 2016

London Mobile Games Week 2016

London Mobile Games Week is a week of hosted events for professionals in the tech, creative and entertainment sectors, with a core focus on mobile games.

15 Oct 2015

open( London )

No fluff. No dumbing down. No press invites. No sales pitches. Just a gathering of experts who have lots to gain by helping each other out.

24 Sep 2015

Developing Games on 64-bit Android

“64-bit” has become a big buzzword for mobile hardware with the launch of Apple A7 in 2013 and Android L in 2014. 

18 Jun 2015

Lessons Learned From Building A New Start-Up

This event, in partnership with Autodesk, will feature three experts from the industry. Each one brings a view on what it takes based on personal experience of running a company to be successful.  

21 May 2015

Creating Digital Products (Campus London): from Gaming Devices to the IoT

Creating Digital Products - hosted at Campus London, a Google space based in London.  

From Handheld Gaming Devices to the Internet of Things: Learn how today's most in-demand consumer electronic products are created from scratch.

01 Jul 2015

G3 Futures - Galvanising the Guildford Games Industry

The games industry in the UK is in a state of evolution. As it adapts to greater technological innovation, the demands placed upon it by users and consumers of games make it an exciting, challenging and yet uncertain landscape. Guildford, once called “the Hollywood of the games industry” is home