Slightly Mad Studios

Founded in 2009, Slightly Mad Studios is the award-winning team behind the Project CARS franchise, and era-defining games such as the GTR® series, Need For Speed® Shift™, Shift 2 Unleashed®, Red Bull Air Race – The Game, and many other top-tier games. Recently joining the Codemasters group, Slightly Mad Studios are currently working on Fast & Furious Crossroads and upcoming iterations of the Project CARS franchise, with Project CARS 3 and Project CARS GO.

Flavourworks Limited

Flavourworks specialises in live action interactive video games. Using our patent-pending Touch Video technology and Cookbook narrative authoring system, we created the award-winning Erica for PS4.

Flavourworks is working on a range of new titles for all platforms including console, PC, mobile and TV.

Bitmap Bureau

We are an independent game development studio founded in 2016 with a focus on developing titles for genuine retro hardware such as the Sega Mega Drive and Neo Geo. We also bring our titles to all modern platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We released our first Mega Drive title, “Xeno Crisis”, in October 2019 following a successful Kickstarter campaign and are keen to work with more talented artists and musicians over the coming years as we aim to create increasingly ambitious titles that push old hardware to their limits.


AudioMob allows developers to monetise their games through non-intrusive audio ads. Our solution is fully programmatic, so buying and selling ads is frictionless. 

All too often in-game advertising is intrusive, disrupting gameplay and damaging the player experience. 

AudioMob changes that. 

By focusing on audio adverts, AudioMob delivers monetisation solutions that can run alongside gameplay, leading to happier players, better advertisers, and ultimately, greater revenue for developers and publishers.



Hadean is a deep tech company based in London, UK. Hadean is focussed on creating the next generation of cloud compute through a distributed platform that enables a single developer to write and run code at any scale using their existing tool chain – and crucially, without the need for any ops or tuning.

Bungie INC

Bungie is an independent, employee-owned game development studio dedicated to creating hopeful worlds that inspire passionate player communities and lifelong friendships. For almost three decades, that purpose has led to the creation of some of the most celebrated video game franchises, including Marathon, Myth, Halo, and Destiny. Today, Bungie is focused on developing the future of the Destiny universe and new worlds to come.

Netspeak Games

Netspeak Games is a London based game studio who make multiplayer games for all platforms. Diversity, Collaboration & Inclusion are pillars of the company & the products.

Netspeak hopes to become a multi project, fully independent studio with development, live-ops, publishing & marketing functions

Von Republic

The Von Republic is a gamer rewards community that enables publishers to give back to the community, while at the same time getting more gamers to play their games and for longer.

We do this through a simple, gamer centric model of Play/ Earn/ Spend. Our Citizens can play any game on Xbox One, earn Von Coins from the achievements they get and then spend these coins on any of our exclusive daily auctions.

We can also incentivize them to play certain promoted games by offering double coins on those games.