Video Games Ambassadors Scheme

The Video Game Ambassadors scheme is related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Ambassador project which has been running very successfully for a number of years.
In 2011 the VGA initiative was created and is administered by games and interactive entertainment trade body Ukie. Ukie promote the scheme to persuade more people involved in making games to sign up, and to facilitate this are pulling everything together and supporting the VGA community.
About the STEM Ambassadors:
The STEM Ambassadors Programme enables teachers to make links from the curriculum to how STEM is practiced in the world of work, illuminating applications across a vast range of careers.
STEM Ambassadors are people from STEM backgrounds who volunteer as inspiring role models for young people. They can contribute both to regular lessons or participate in extra-curricular activities such as STEM Clubs, Careers Days and visits. STEM Ambassadors open the door to a whole new world for young people, helping them to see STEM subjects and careers with a fresh perspective and engage their interest and imagination in new ways.
Each Ambassador is registered, trained and DBS checked.
The STEM Ambassadors programme endeavours to make a real difference to the delivery of STEM subjects to young people.
Why should I sign up as a VGA?
Many people don’t know that there is a games industry in the UK. Even fewer know about the skills needed to make and sell a game. We need to change this!
As a Video Game Ambassador you won’t be expected know everything; young people will be interested in your experiences. You can choose how you want to interact, contributing to regular lessons or participating in extra-curricular activities such as STEM Clubs, Careers Days and visits.
You can inspire the next generation to bring new ideas, sharp skills and fresh thinking to our industry, and also make them realise that making games is an amazingly cool and exciting thing to do and it should be an opportunity open to everyone.
Once you’re fully signed up you are only committing to one action per year, which could be half an hour talking to a local primary school assembly or an afternoon doing a workshop with a group of secondary school design students. Of course you’re free to do as much as you like – but you only have to do one thing!
You will receive induction training and STEM will keep you updated on local volunteering opportunities at schools in your local area that are convenient for you.
Many schools want to teach game design and programming, but may need support and guidance; others don’t yet understand that art and animation can be valid careers in the games industry and other sectors.
This is your chance to help us develop a national network of support so that the next generation of game developers can be as fabulous as you already are!
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