About us

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Who are we?

Ukie, pronounced you-key, (UK Interactive Entertainment) is the only trade body for the UK's games and interactive entertainment industry. We are a not-for-profit and represent businesses of all sizes from small start-ups to large multinational developers, publishers and service companies, working across online, mobile apps, consoles, PC, eSports, VR and AR. Meet the team members who are at your service. 

Everything we do helps to support, grow and promote our members' businesses and the wider UK games and interactive entertainment industry by making sure we have the right economic, cultural, political and social environment needed for businesses to thrive. 

There are four beliefs we subscribe to...

  1. What games talent creates should be at the heart of the cultural conversation.
  2. That games and our talent are the bleeding edge of innovation in entertainment.
  3. STEAM education and critical, systems thinking is key to securing a diverse talent pipeline.
  4. As games should be at the heart of the technology & innovation conversation.

There are 10 values that guides us as Ukie... 

  1. Our members always come first.
  2. We strive for consensus but not the lowest common denominator.
  3. We always seek to be evidence based. But we must be the filter for bad data.
  4. Relationships and making connections is our IP.
  5. We don’t do events, we connect and curate people with opportunities. Sometimes we provide those opportunities ourselves, sometimes we don’t.
  6. We are open and transparent but we don’t give everything away.
  7. We are always inclusive and we think about diversity in everything we do. We practice it, we don’t just talk about it.
  8. There is always a deal to be done but we are not traditional sales people. We like value for value, but ultimately we need to fundraise to support our stated aims.
  9. We always seek to iterate on what we do to do it better. We do this by listening to our community/stakeholders.
  10. We never set ourselves upon opposition to others and we seek to support and work in partnership where we can.

What do we do?

Whatever the size of your company, if you join the Ukie network you are part of a strong collective voice for the games industry.  

You can get practical support, advice, guidance, introductions and discounts on services as well as key events when you join Ukie. You will benefit from our positive campaigns for the good of the industry and you will be part of a wider, inclusive, powerful industry voice on key issues that really do matter. 

Industry voice

We speak to government and MPs all the time to make good things happen and to stop bad things happening. We represent all parts of the industry on major government groups and cross-sector debates. We are your strong voice in the media to make sure that the games industry is heard loudly, confidently and clearly on issues like tax breaks and the positive side of the games. We do this to safeguard the right business and cultural environment for our members’ businesses to thrive. 


We run positive and powerful campaigns and initiatives that benefit the wider UK games sector that only happen because of the money and the time that Ukie members pay through their subscriptions. It is through our campaigns that we can collectively change the state of play for games. 


We represent the wider games industry and we can help you link up with other games businesses, policy makers and leading players in other sectors as well as those outside the industry. We can arrange 1 to 1 meetings between members, put on bespoke events to allow you to promote your businesses and we can host and promote whatever event our members want. We also create media opportunities for our members, shining a spotlight on them and their work whenever we get the opportunity.  

IP protection

We help our members to make the most of their intellectual property, offering value-for-money access to the services that you need to protect your IP in the way you want to, as well as representing the games industry to government on all IP issues. We also help members to understand how to value and promote their IP.

Data, insight and research

We give members discounted access to unique UK sales data (physical and digital) and detailed reports that give you valuable market intelligence and insight. We also have a dedicated Research Analyst, Regis, who can do some bespoke desk research or reports for you. 


We offer support and advice through our Guides to… and Need to Know leaflets. We also care deeply about helping people to access finance and get guidance. We can point you in the right direction and offer bespoke training for free or as cheap as possible to keep you and your teams levelling up, and to educate the rest of the world about games.

Practical support

Discounted access to products and services that your business needs and advice on the latest games industry issues through our events, guides, mentoring schemes and training and giving you discounted legal and accountancy advice. All Ukie members also get to use our offices and meeting rooms free of charge and we have hotdesks for free too. We support events all over the country, we put on our own events and we run the UK games industry stands at key international expos, flying the flag for British-made games. 

So, our vision and mission is...

To make the UK the best place to develop and publish games and interactive entertainment. Our mission is to support, grow and promote the UK games industry.


Supporting diversity and a breadth of talent and skills for the games industry, small start-ups, developers and publishers making transitions into new marketplaces and business models. We help create a sustainable ecosystem for young start-ups, established SMEs, and large multi-national-businesses to access finance, talent and markets for their work.


We help companies grow through insight and data to learn about new opportunities in markets, to gain a competitive edge, and to help plan for an uncertain future. We nurture effective and meaningful networks and links between schools, HE, FE and industry to complete the talent pipeline. Be part of that and be a Video Games Ambassador.


We positively promote the industry in the media at large, guide people to best practice around consumer protection, and promote new ways to do business and make money. We create the opportunity to access and promote different and innovative models of funding and routes to market (e.g. crowdfunding) as well as new routes to market for established businesses.

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