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Doors open at Ukie’s seaside UK industry stand at gamescom

Author: Richie Enticknap

Wednesday 13th August 2014 - London, United Kingdom – Fifty three UK games businesses on the official UK industry stand run by UK trade body Ukie

Fifty-three games companies from the UK opened for business today at the biggest ever British collective in the business hall of gamescom, Europe’s biggest games trade show.

Millions of pounds worth of business is expected to be generated over the three days of the show on the UK industry stand alone.

Ukie and Nesta announce games mentoring pairs

Author: Richie Enticknap

Tuesday 22nd July 2014 - London, United Kingdom

Ukie and Nesta’s Video Games Mentor Network launched in April to enable businesses to access help and advice from established industry leaders to support their growth.

Following an open call for applications, eight mentees have now been chosen and paired with a mentor whose skills, expertise and knowledge matched their business needs.

The following are the Video Games Mentor Network partners for this year:

Free industry workshops and B2B activities at Ukie’s Liverpool Games Expo

Author: Richie Enticknap

Thursday 3rd July 2014 - London, United Kingdom – Games businesses urged to sign up now for free game sessions at two-day showcase of UK games industry.

Ukie’s upcoming Games Expo will run across 15th – 16th July at the Liverpool International Festival of Business’ (LIFB) International Trade Hub and will celebrate the innovation, creativity and talent of the UK games industry. The Expo is totally free to attend and highlights will include:

Mind Candy to host Great British Summer Game Jam

Author: Richie Enticknap

Thursday 26th June 2014 - London, United Kingdom – Mind Candy partners with Autodesk to encourage innovative thinking with technology for developers and to promote the UK’s games industry with the Great British Summer Game Jam.

Mind Candy has partnered with Autodesk to encourage people to get into game development, promote the UK’s games industry and experiment with new technology and hardware in the first ever Great British Summer Game Jam. 

Ukie teams up with Staffordshire University for student and indie developer conference

Author: Ukie admin

Friday 2nd May 2014 - London, United Kingdom – The one-day conference brings together students, alumni and industry professionals to give insights into key trends in the industry and to share experiences of working in different kinds of games businesses. The aim is to give students guidance into what key business skills they require to succeed in an industry which is rapidly transitioning.

Ukie hosts game jam to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Author: Ukie admin

Thursday 1st May 2014 - London, United Kingdom – Ukie to hold event to raise awareness about the barriers that people with disabilities face when using digital technology.
May 15th marks the third Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), an international day to get people across all industries talking, thinking and learning about digital accessibility and people with different disabilities.