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BFI National Lottery strategy consultation - Video Games sector focus

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Last autumn we took early soundings from the public and the screen sector on priorities for National Lottery funding over the next 10 years. We have used these to develop a framework with objectives and desired outcomes which will form the basis of our funding going forward. We have also used the strategy development process to engage with television, video games and also interactive and immersive, to help us understand whether there may be a role for National Lottery funding in working with these sectors in the future as the UK’s moving image landscape evolves.

Now we’d like your opinion before we publish our final version in the autumn. The new National Lottery strategy will come into effect in April 2023 and take us to our centenary in 2033.

During this online session you will have a chance to tell us what you think – is the framework fit for purpose, given the way in which screen storytelling is rapidly changing, with new formats emerging and interacting? We may consider whether there is a role for National Lottery funding in working with video games, interactive and immersive, as the UK's moving image culture evolves.

You will hear an overview of our new corporate vision and our immediate priorities followed by two breakout sessions covering the draft objectives for the new National Lottery Funding strategy and how they work for your area. On the day you'll be able to choose to attend two breakout discussions, choosing between either objective 1 or 2 during the first breakout and either objective 3 or 4 in the second. These objectives are:

Objective 1 - Everyone can experience a great range of stories on screen

We will use National Lottery funding to improve opportunities for people across the UK to access and experience moving image storytelling, both digitally and in physical locations. It will enable audiences to connect with a rich mix of UK and international titles, heritage and archive collections, video games, and interactive and immersive works. We will continue to recognise the importance of nurturing the creative and cultural lives of children and young people.

Objective 2 - Anyone can create original screen work, from first-time creators to world-class professionals

National Lottery funding will support people of all ages and all skill levels to express themselves creatively through stories on screen – in education, in their free time, and in a professional capacity too.

Objective 3 - The UK screen sector workforce is skilled and reflects the population

We will use National Lottery funding to make sure people from the widest range of backgrounds from across the UK can access and develop careers in the sector, complementing the efforts of the wider industry. We will consider how good cause funding can help deliver skillsets that are not delivered by the commercial market, but are essential if the public is to draw the greatest possible cultural, social and economic benefit from film and the moving image.

Objective 4 - Independents and cultural organisations can adapt and thrive in a changing landscape

For screen enterprises to deliver public benefit, they need to be financially sustainable and adapt in a changing economic and cultural landscape. We plan to use National Lottery funding to provide better support for small and medium-sized enterprises and independents to develop their businesses and extend the international reach of the UK screen industry.

We’d love to hear what you think.

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