Protecting intellectual property and keeping businesses digitally secure is key to the success of games companies. Our range of IP and cybercrime services stop other people making money from your work.

We offer a tailored service to help identify and report IP infringement across several different platforms. The core service monitors download and torrent websites issuing auto-takedown notices to limit the availability of links.

Free for Ukie members

Overseen by one of the country’s leading IP experts, Mo Ali, our IP services include a combination of education, technology and tacking IP infringement at its source.

The services are available to for free to all Ukie members. Businesses who are not Ukie members can also pay to use the tools that they need to increase online IP protection

How to sign up to the programme  

Simply get in touch with a list of games titles or let us know where we can find the list.  For the custom services or any reporting queries contact Mo to discuss how we can assist even if you just need to know how to report an infringement.