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Crayfish.io Webinar: Navigating the Chinese education market: latest insights and practical steps

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After-school education companies in China are now experiencing the biggest policy blow, namely ‘Double Reduction’, the latest regulation that after-school education institutions are forbidden to offer teaching programs outside the usual school terms,  and that education institutions and training centers whose principal business focus is academic subjects and personal development are now forbidden to list on stock market. 

From another perspective, this policy blow elaborates one of the most typical risks foreign businesses have to be aware of when navigating in China education market, which requires them to closely track and follow the changes in the regulatory environment. Any global strategy is incomplete without a presence in China. So, how do you get ready?


Ting Zhang Founder & CEO, Crayfish.io
Ting is a thought leader on UK- China trade and investment, and her expertise have been called by governments, businesses and think-tanks alike. On a daily basis, she is passionate about providing high-quality, value-for-money online business services for better engagement with China and beyond.

Jane Ru Sector Lead Education, Crayfish.io
Jane has 18 years experience in strategy, business development and international trade. Working closely with clients, she manages the product development at Crayfish.io to cater for client’s full cycle of doing business in China,  delivering successful services through efficient use of resources available at Crayfish.io ecosystem.

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