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PocketGamer.biz MasterClass - Lessons with a Growth Hacker: Successfully Scale a Living Game

This event listing is from Ukie partner PocketGamer.biz.

This MasterClass is about the product management, strategy and marketing side of managing games and game portfolios.

We will be diving into business principles and how product strategy can align with company strategy (or not). We will be focussing on the big decisions: how and when to make choices, what are the fundamental levers a business has to impact the lifecycle of its product(s); when to scale, and when to scale back; plus what tactics can be applied - and at what stage.

Key takeaways include:

  • What are common best practices and mistakes in lifecycle management
  • How do these apply to games
  • How to expand the lifespan of your game in practice
  • What’s a "living game" and how can you scale during the growth and maturity stage of your game

TARGET AUDIENCE: For this MasterClass we recommend that attendees have some understanding of the business of games and product lifecycle.

The class is for decision makers, product owners or producers that own the P&L of games that want better processes in the decision making and ultimately want to be equipped with the toolkits to scale a living game and extend the lifecycle of a game. The takeaways will be most practical and useful for those working in mobile, free to play on games with an expected longer lifetime than your average hypercasual title.


Oliver is a noted growth hacker and mobile marketing guru and has helped app companies ranging from indies to market giants like Rovio and Wargaming. In his more than 20 years in marketing and advertising he has marketed hundreds of casual, core and MMO games in the online and mobile space.

Currently he serves as Chief Commercial Officer at Nottingham-based Lockwood Publishing, the creator of the virtual 3D world AVAKIN LIFE. Next to that he is board member and advisor for a number of mobile games companies. Previously he worked for many years as a consultant in mobile marketing where he kickstarted mobile UA for companies such as MAG Interactive, flaregames, EightPixelSquare and Hutch Games and worked with great teams at ProSieben, Rovio, Wargaming, Next Games and others. Before that he held leadership positions at iQU, JAGEX and IPlay/Oberon Media.


Part 1: Product Strategy for Games (60 minutes)

In this part we will look at good business practices around growth and lifecycle extension for products and services and explore how this applies to game companies and their portfolios. We will be exploring historical data sets of games and develop hypotheses around what the decision makers could or should have done and when.

Part 2: Lifecycle Management (60 minutes)

In this part we will go deeper on the lifecycle of games and explore how product strategy in games studios intersects with company strategy and how to set up goals and milestones in order to focus on the things that matter when running a living game.

Part 3: The Scaling Toolbox (60 minutes)

In this part we will explore the options and tactics that can be applied in different scenarios and at the different stages of the lifecycle of games.


Part 1:

  • Presentation lecture (20 mins)
  • Group activity (20 mins)
  • Feedback and review (20 mins)

Part 2:

  • Presentation lecture (20 mins)
  • Group activity (20 mins)
  • Feedback and review (20 mins)

Part 3:

  • Presentation lecture (20 mins)
  • Group activity (20 mins)
  • Feedback and review (20 mins)

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