Ukie sponsors this year’s Now Play this at Somerset house for London Games Festival

Ukie has become a major funder of this year’s Now Play This, part of the London Games Festival, to support more experimental game commissions and to help extend the exhibition’s run . It comes as part of a new three-way partnership with Games London and Now Play This CIC.

Now Play This is an initiative that supports experimental, culturally influenced and thought-provoking games that showcases the creativity of games, as well as the creators who make them.

Ukie’s funding will enable more commissions and content to exist for practitioners to showcase their work to the public. It will also fund more workshops and key industry talks on skills development as well as networking opportunities.

We look forward to seeing the commissions, workshops and talks that our investment will have enabled throughout the festival. Now Play This is a true celebration of the culture, curiosity and creative breadth of games. Ukie are delighted that this contribution from the sector means more creativity and artistry from the community.

Now Play This is a festival of experimental game design which runs at Somerset House in London as part of London Games Festival. This year Now Play This will run over nine days from 6-14 April, featuring exciting hands-on gameplay for all ages to enjoy, from solo games to multiplayer collaborative experiences, from a host of multidisciplinary artists and creators.

We look forward to the event and invite you all to enjoy the exhibitions running over the two weekends from 6-14 April, as well as the London Games Festival, which runs from 2-14 April.

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