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How to prepare for a no deal Brexit: Ukie guide to prepare games industry for Brexit date 31 October

How can I prepare for a no deal Brexit with the upcoming Brexit date set for 31 October? 

Ukie has released today a range of content for games businesses on how to prepare for a no deal Brexit.

Though we strongly believe that no deal should be categorically be ruled out as an option, the trade body successfully applied for funding from the government’s Brexit Readiness Fund – administered by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - to help games businesses prepare in case it is the outcome of negotiations. 

The following content is now available for all companies, member or non-member, to access:

  • A video series with legal experts from firms Sheridans, Charles Russell Speechlys and Mishcon, highlighting the next steps games companies can take to maintain their data transfers, retain access to international talent, check if their state/EU funding will be affected and whether IP rights will be affected.  
  • A podcast with legal experts answering questions to them sent from the industry to help deal with specific challenges raised by business.
  • An e-book signposting to pertinent points of advice and information about preparing for a no deal Brexit to ensure that businesses are as well prepared for the possible. 

If you’d like to discuss no deal Brexit, its potential impact on your business or more about the funding, please contact our Policy and Events Officer, Grace Shin.


Ukie's video guide for a no deal Brexit

Copyright and IP

Access to Funding

Access to Talent

Free movement of data


Ukie's podcast guide for a no deal Brexit