We're asking businesses and individuals working across the UK industry to take part in our biggest ever census of the UK games workforce.

Introducing the second UK Games Industry Census

We are running the second ever UK Games Industry Census to once again authoritatively assess workforce diversity in the sector and we want you to participate.

The UK Games Industry Census provides us with invaluable data about the UK games industry workforce. First launched in 2019, the previous census received over 3,200 responses from games industry workers.  The responses to those questions - which mapped closely to the questions asked in the national census, but also provided industry specific insights - helped form the basis of the most in-depth analysis of the UK games workforce ever conducted.

The census helped the industry establish a robust evidence base around diversity in the sector, shaped priorities for further research and helped to support and inspire EDI schemes across the industry.

Two years on, we're looking to more than double the number of responses to help build an even more detailed picture of diversity within our sector.

What is in the UK Games Industry Census?

As before, respondents are asked a series of questions about what role they have in the games industry, their characteristics – such as age or gender – and their background such as the circumstances in which they grew up. 

This year’s survey has also been expanded to cover some additional ground in relation to working patterns and access needs to generate an even deeper profile of the games industry workforce.

The year, we'll also be able to report back on the trends since 2019, informing us all in how the industry continues to evolve.  We'll also be examining some areas such as remote work may have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who conducts the UK Games Industry Census?

The University of Sheffield is solely responsible for administering the census. This ensures that all the data and analysis is conducted, analysed and reported completely independently of industry. No-one from the industry gets to see any individual answers or see a company-level report.

The experienced team of academic experts have worked with Ukie to build a survey that investigates a detailed view of diversity, approaching sometimes sensitive topics in a respectful manner, but still importantly remaining comparable to other national datasets.  

The university’s robust approach also ensures that we meet the highest standards in terms of data security and privacy, with appropriate ethical considerations and entirely in-line with GDPR and other data-related standards.

How easy is it to complete the UK Games Industry Census?

The census will take you less than ten minutes to fill out. We think it'll probably take you less than five, but we're confident that you'll be able to complete the questions quickly.

Importantly, your data is completely secure when you fill out the census. Your data will be collected anonymously and only reported on at an aggregate, industry level.  This means that your data cannot be identified individually, and neither can the company you work for - giving you confidence to submit.  

Larger companies can sign up to receive a Census Pack, containing a unique link for their workforce, but also all the information they need to be assured about how the census is run - including relevant questions on issues like data protection - with the Ukie team on-hand for any questions.

Who should complete the UK Games Industry Census?

We're looking for everyone who works in the industry to participate in the census. Whether you're self employed, working at a small independent studio or at a major developer or publisher, getting your data is crucial to building an accurate and comprehensive data set about diversity in our sector.

The deadline for participating in the UK Games Industry Census is Friday 19th November

How do we take part in the UK Games Industry Census?