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Greener Games - Space Ape’s 4-Step Guide to Sustainability

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Footprints, offsets, carbon calculators, and the cloud. How can you tackle the emissions harming our planet and where should you even start?

About this Event

In this 2-hour workshop Nic Walker, Head of Technical Operations and Sustainability Lead at Space Ape, will share the London-based developer’s approach to carbon neutrality.

This session will:

  1. Demystify how a games studio can go about decarbonising
  2. Share a practical approach to understanding and addressing the carbon footprint of your studio and games
  3. Deep-dive into the calculations and spreadsheets required to get you started with your carbon accounting
  4. Kick-start your own sustainability roadmap
  5. Share useful resources to continue your education

Dates and times will be shared in early April.

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