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Tiny Teams - Yogscast

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Following last year’s success we’re happy to announce another week-long celebration of some fantastic games made by micro studios.

The event will include awards, streams, sales, and will take place on Steam and Twitch.

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Tiny Teams Festival is a Steam and streaming event hosted by Yogscast Games, and is dedicated to celebrating games made by micro studios. For a solo developer or a small team, helping your game find its audience on a mammoth platform like Steam can be tough. For a full week in August, Tiny Teams will be featuring a variety of games across all genres and giving developers a chance to get people excited about their games. We'll also be streaming a selection of these games with content creators from the Yogscast network and beyond. To submit your game, head to https://www.yogscast.games/tiny-teams before the July 25th deadline.

Please use the form below to enter. We can’t wait to play your game!

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