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Blink Games

  • Blink is a multi-award-winning animation, production & entertainment studio with a passion for high-quality storytelling. We’re taking our strengths into the playable screen by expanding into the premium, art & narrative-driven gaming market.

    Fully independent and owner-operated, out of London since 1985, we are world-class creators who craft unique, irreverent stories in fresh and innovative ways. We identify and nurture young creative talent, developing their skills at the cutting edge of visual culture. We produce short & long-form content for some of the world’s biggest broadcasters, musicians and brands.

    Like many creative people, we’ve been playing games all our lives. Games have always inspired us and influenced our craft. We want to bring our experience in storytelling and animation to the world of games, expanding our horizons and furthering the art form. Many industry players in gaming and entertainment are looking to cross-pollinate; we want to be part of that change. We are also in a position to develop our established entertainment IPs into original game titles.

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