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  • DataSakura is a Cyprus company, established in 2018. Over the thrilling years we grew from a passionate team of friends to a highly dedicated squad of ninjas in programming, art and game design. Right now, we are among the strongest full-cycle game development agencies, working with many well-known titles including Cut The Rope, Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, King of Thieves, Bullet Echo, Om-Nom Run etc. Our company has more than 35 only senior-level professionals who have accumulated tons of experience across the game development industry.

    We have a set of small teams working on various games in multiple genres. Mostly it's mobile f2p casual and mid-core games, but our portfolio is expanding fast.

    Our strongest sides are Turnkey Development, Live-Ops / Maintenance, Porting and Rapid Prototyping.

    We aim to provide outsourced development services that feel like high-quality in-house work.

    Our Principles and Values:

    ● Quality. We highly value the quality of our work and believe that this is our core competency and competitive advantage.

    ● Communications. We believe that effective communication with partners is our key to successful development.

    ● Continuous improvement. We are constantly gathering feedback and improving our processes and approaches to be more efficient and add value to our partners.

    ● We have a flat structure, and we give our teams as much autonomy and responsibility as possible, as we believe this is the best way to get the best results.

    ● Work and Life balance. Our employees save travel time by freeing it up for their passions, hobbies and family. We have less than 10 overtime hours per 1 employee yearly.

    ● We hire only the best employees from all over the world without any discrimination. We are a community of equal rights and equal opportunities for the best talents.

    ● We are not aiming to be the largest company, our mission is to be the most satisfying.

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