• Edge was created for the video games and esports industry. Our technology was designed to make the tough and time-consuming parts of running a business easier. Edge connects data and insights to smart contracts and payments that everyone can rely on. It means tools that help you grow your business while protecting people's data, and tools that can streamline lengthy contract negotiations or strategic planning so we can all go back to doing what we do best whether that’s developing communities, creating content or growing brands.

    Edge was founded by esports fans and gamers.

    CEO, Adam Whyte, is an ex professional gamer with a legal background in sports law, who co-founded Edge to solve many of the problems he encountered.

    Chairman, David Yarnton who has been in the video games and esports industry for over 30 years first acting as a senior manager at Nintendo both in the UK and Australia for over 17 years before joining Gfinity as a founding director.

    CTO, Scott Hiett, was hailed by Forbes as “the next generation of computer science” at just 16. Scott is a self taught coder fluent in most programming languages he channels his experience of AI and Blockchain into the dynamic world of esports.

    What does Edge do?

    Starting with smart contracts and payments, Edge has grown to support publishers, brands, players, team managers, influencers and more, focusing on products that increase speed, transparency and security in common esports and video game back office activity.

    Consolidating and analysing data, understanding contractual obligations and processing payments are vital but can be connected and automated. Edge is an end-to-end solution designed to make it easier to grow your business, community or fanbase.

    Who is Edge for?

    Edge was made for esports and video games but the problems Edge solves aren’t exclusive to one industry. Edge’s powerful and inclusive technology can be used by anyone who uses data or needs to process payments.

    For brands, publishers, developers Edge makes it easy to identify partners, work with them, track their work, results and pay them. Tracking and analysing data, processing contracts and payments all takes time and significant resources.

    For players Edge makes it easy and safe to join a team, manage your contract, and get paid.

    For tournament organisers and team managers, Edge wants to make it easy to sign up talent, manage contracts, organise your competition and execute prize money and manage payments and evaluate player growth.

    For marketing, influencer agencies and influencers Edge ensure contracts and content connect, balancing data, fees and results to streamline relationships.

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