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Everyone Can

  • Here at Everyone Can we help disabled people to speak, control their environment, gain independence and have fun! We help them to access technology so they can achieve their goals, whether it be to communicate, use a PC or play videogames, all the little things we take for granted!

    We offer a range of free services for disabled people at our Technology and Gaming Centre in Sale, Manchester. One of the newest services is our gaming sessions for disabled children and disabled adults. Activities can be limited for disabled people but thanks to technology video gaming can be an activity that is accessible for all! At our centre we have an incredible set up, with four 150-inch screens for multiplayer games, a driving wheel, two virtual reality stations and then three accessible gaming stations. These stations are designed to quickly assess the person and then get them gaming in the way easiest for them e.g. joysticks, switch buttons, eye movements, head movements etc. Our gaming service provides a high level of fun and can be adapted for any disability.

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