• Formed by gamers and with the backing of successful investors, Gfinity was created to help push eSports within the UK to a professional level, to raise awareness and to provide an arena for gamers to showcase their talent.

    Gfinity was launched as a company in early 2013 and plans were immediately set in motion to deliver events and user experiences unlike any that had been seen in European eSports before it.

    Gfinity acquired the long-established Warped Gaming League in 2013, Europe's largest and oldest Xbox Live online league since 2009. Deciding to expand the games supported by the league, the WGL was rebranded and incorporated into the Gfinity website and began to offer additional Xbox and PC titles in 2014.

    In May 2014, it was decided that the world of competitive gaming needed a shake-up, a revolution with the emphasis on the gamers and their enjoyment of competing and socialising with fellow eSports fans put at the forefront of our ethos.

    This led to the launch of our current bespoke gaming platform, with ground- breaking features never seen before by the competitive gaming community.

    Our new website brings together the gaming elite, the future pro players and the casual enthusiasts. With multiple leagues across five of the best gaming titles available today, gamers are able to compete for pride, prizes and prestige or boost their skills playing with gaming addicts of similar standard.

    The revolution is in our hands.
    Together, we are Generation eSports

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