• GINX is the world’s only international TV channel dedicated to videogames. Ginx is distributed to 26 million homes in 40 countries and translated in 9 languages.

    Ginx TV is a UK-based international media company, dedicated to the creation of video gaming TV channels around the world, branded Ginx, as well as individual shows and formats for syndication aimed at people who love to play video games. These days that is almost everybody, as gaming has moved from a cult proposition to mainstream entertainment, enjoyed by men and women of all ages as well as kids. Ginx is about All the Games, All the Time.

    Our stand-alone shows and formats offer uniquely individual opportunities to enrich and expand what channels can offer their viewers. Each show is crammed with content, giving viewers a unique window to the games of the world. All shows are available in SD and HD. Ginx TV is also working on the creation of a 3D library of shows.

    Ukie members will receive an industry discount subject to inventory and budget and negotiated on a case by case basis.

    Key Personnel Jasveen Sehmi, 0208 576 6660

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