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Ian Hamilton Design & Consultancy

  • Consultancy services for game accessibility – avoiding unnecessary exclusion of gamers with impairments ranging from colour blindness ando low reading age, through to designing for specific profoundly disabled demographics, including cerebal palsy and low functioning autism.

    Of his 12 years in the industry, Ian spent six at the BBC working on games and websites for some of their most loved brands. While there he specialised in game accessibility, designing for specific disabled demographics as well as advising on how to achieve a good base level across all games.

    He is now an independent designer and consultant, working to spread what he has learned throughout the wider games industry.

    As well as directly advising both AAA and indie studios he also works on advocacy and education, including organising & mentoring game jam challenges, co-authoring a White House policy briefing, and coordinating the gameaccessibilityguidelines.com project.

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