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Sona Insurance Solutions Limited

  • Sona is an insurance broking and risk management firm with a focus on a number of key sector specialisms, including the design of insurance programs for developers and publishers operating in the gaming sector.

    We have a team dedicated to understanding and mitigating the emerging risks faced by developers and publishers. Possibly more importantly, we have a genuine interest in, and passion for the industry, so if we are fortunate enough to meet at future UKIE events, the majority of the conversation is likely to centre around you favourite gaming memories or your console of preference rather than insurance.

    That said, the gaming sector is at the very forefront of several emerging and significant risks, none more so than the those posed by AI/Procedural generation, and the increasing potential to inadvertently infringe on other entities IP or conversely having your own IP infringed upon.

    Similarly, the issue of cyber insurance should be a key consideration, given the increasingly prevalent instances of hacking/ransom events. In fact as we are putting this biography together we are only a matter of weeks removed from one of the industry largest ever cyber-attacks inflicted on a very well-known first party developer, resulting in significant financial loss and loss of personal data.

    Of course, there are other insurances that should be considered, and we would be very enthusiastic to explain the different options that may be relevant. Ultimately our job is to help you identify your businesses risk appetite and mitigate as much of this risk as you feel necessary.

    Finally, we are acutely aware that insurance is not at the forefront of a busy developer/publisher mind and nor should it be. It is simply there to provide a safety net should unforeseen circumstances pose a serious risk to your business; peace of mind allowing you to create.

    If a review of your existing insurance program is of interest, we would welcome the chance to engage and learn more about the challenges you face and the solutions we can provide.

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