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Studio Vision

  • Our mission is to change the face of the games. We help some of the industries largest Studios (including EA, Epic and Playground Games) build diverse, trailblazing teams.

    We also provide a free mentorship program - Diversity Champions - to help empower the underrepresented (LGBTQ+, Ethnic Minorities, and Women) in the industry.

    The gaming world has evolved. The technology that powers games have improved. The players have changed.

    We know change is driven by trailblazing teams.

    Teams that can think... differently.

    Teams that can look at things from new perspectives.

    Teams that truly represent all of us.

    With the help of our forward-thinking Studio Partners, we are changing the face of gaming by connecting exceptional diverse candidates with forward-thinking Gaming Studios to build trailblazing teams.

    Change it with us.

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