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THQ Nordic

  • Nordic Games is also the name of our publishing group which handles the operative business of the group-wide IP catalogue, with its head office in Vienna, Austria.

    The publishing unit started in 2008, originally with the main purpose being to create more content to the Game Outlet pallet concept. Following these quite simple PS2 racing and dancing games, a new product series was born by the name of We Sing - a karaoke game for Wii. Since 2009 sales has been over 1,4 million units over eight different iterations. In 2012 the series was released in the North American market, and overall it has been a great sales success for the company and countless hours of fun for the end consumers.

    In 2011 the publishing portfolio content changed quite dramatically through the acquisition of IP:s, assets and distribution rights from JoWooD EntertainmentAG/Dreamcatcher Interactive Inc., which had gone into administration. Almost overnight, we had gone from mass-market social gaming to being a player within serious hardcore titles and franchises such as Painkiller, SpellForce, ArcaniA and The Guild.

    Development of new versions/add-ons of these games as well as investments in some new franchises has helped us build a broader base of games. During this time we have also signed third party physical publishing/distribution rights with titles like Remedy’s Alan Wake and KING Art’s The Book Of Unwritten Tales.

    In 2012 we opened a subsidiary in North America, Nordic Games NA Inc that ensures a true global distribution network, direct and through partnerships.

    The most recent addition to our IP catalogue came through some acquisitions in the spring/summer of 2013.

    As THQ Inc went into administration, Nordic Games successfully bid and won an auction for a big portfolio of games, ranging from the highly successful Darksiders franchise to mass market games likeU-draw and Jeopardy.

    Later in 2013, the Desperados and Silver IP was acquired from Atari SAS in France.

    Nordic Games has the internal routines and experience to cover both physical and digital distribution on all common current platforms (console, PC and handheld/mobile), as well as preparing for PS4/XboxOne content. We are always looking for interesting opportunities regarding IPs/assets/rights.

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