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Women in Games

  • Women in Games is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009. It provides encouragement, support and advocacy for women and girls throughout the game industries and educational pipeline, both nationally and internationally.

    Our mission at Women in Games is to achieve full equality of opportunity and treatment for all women working, or wanting to work, in the games and eSports industries. Raising awareness and implementing initiatives that change attitudes, deliver impact and create the conditions for all women in our sector to thrive and achieve their full potential.

    Back in 2009, when Women in Games was founded, a US Gallup poll had already indicated that approximately half of all players were female. But the Creative Skillset UK Games Workforce Survey of the same year revealed that only 4% of the UK Games Workforce was female. Further, a study by Dimitri Williams in the Journal of New Media, found that female and minority characters were severely under-represented in game products. So, a decade ago, women were enthusiastically playing games, but very few were making them.

    It is from this imbalance that Women in Games emerges. Founded by David Smith, who in his role as a recruiter gained unique insight into both gender discrimination and the wasting of female talent. He wanted to change this. So he launched ‘Women in Games Jobs’, a platform where women could connect with each other, share job opportunities, offer support, and discuss issues. What followed was a rapid engagement with the platform. This sent a clear signal that those few women then working in the game industries, wanted a place to connect and have their own voice.

    Of course, that was then…

    This year, Women in Games is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. And both the organisation and the sector has come a long way since 2009.

    We still host and support community platforms, with a professional network of 12,000 women and interested allies connected across Social Media.

    But today, Women in Games is much more than a social media presence. Beginning in 2011, we have hosted 2 major public events each year: Our Women in Games Lunch at the Develop Conference in Brighton each July. And the European Women in Games Conference & Awards in September. Plus, we also have a strong presence at many other global games events where we work collaboratively with partners across the sector and beyond.

    Main website: http://www.womeningames.org

    Conference website: https://www.womeningamesconference.com


    MC Isaaman

    CEO Women in Games WIGJ

    e: mc.isaaman@womeningames.org

    m: +44 (0)7765 490 566

    David Smith

    Founder/COO Women in Games WIGJ

    e: David.smith@womeningames.org

    m: +44 208 947 9007

    All details of the current women in Games Executive Board Members and Advisory Board Members can be found on the website.

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