Ukie launches Ukiepedia

Ukie is pleased to announce the launch of Ukiepedia, a brand new repository of games industry facts, insight, resources and links. 

Building on our ongoing work to collate useful research and data about the UK and global industry, Ukiepedia is intended as a first step towards a wikipedia for the games sector. 

This resource was originally planned to release with our new website but, given the recent coronavirus situation, we have brought forward this launch as we believe it will be a useful tool for our sector, as a one-stop-shop for information. 

In the wiki, we have compiled insights across a range of key industry areas, including UK and worldwide metrics, jobs and economic figures, investment and diversity, as well as dedicated pages for specific areas such as VR and esports. We have also compiled and summarised many key industry reports for easy access, such all of our annual UK consumer market valuations, the BFI Screen Business report and the recent UK Games Industry Census 2020 report. 

As well as facts and and insights, Ukiepedia is already building a wealth of links to games industry resources. These range from lists of the various games trade associations around the world, UK game developer meet ups and media/news outlets, to more broad topics, such as a glossary of games industry terminology and a history of the UK games sector

The archive includes practical help, such as a collection of resources and tools for new or growing games businesses and guides to careers in the sector and remote working.

Given the current COVID-19 outbreak, we have also created a dedicated page for resources relating to the outbreak, as well as games industry relevant guides, support and opportunities to help us all get through this difficult time.

As a rule, everything we post on Ukiepedia is verified by the Ukie team and must link back to the original source wherever possible. Where other people or organisations have compiled useful information themselves, we will always link through to their work rather than replicate in our archive because it's important original creators are recognised and credited (e.g. this list of game dev resources).

Finally, as you'll see, there are still many places where we can improve Ukiepedia and where further information, or even new pages can be added. We fully intend for Ukiepedia to always be an evolving resource, as our industry and our business needs are always changing, and want you to be able to support that.

To that end, you can help us grow the archive by submitting anything else you think might be helpful to include via our Ukiepedia Submission Form - a simple Google form that gives our team a to-do list (which will be checked for relevance) for new content.