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Mobile Games Growth Programme in partnership with Barclays kicks off today - see the full cohort

Today we kick off the Mobile Growth Programme, in partnership with Barclays. The first of its kind in the UK, Ukie and Barclays have brought together 15 of the most promising CEOs and leaders in the UK mobile space to help them flourish in their future business endeavours. Over the next 6 months, our cohort will undertake 40 hours of content led by industry leaders – including creating a business plan, funding and finance, user acquisition and many more topics.  

Without further ado, we’re please to introduce you to the 2022-23 Mobile Games cohort: 

North Sea Games 

North Sea Games originates from Abertay University graduates, and was finalist for their Dare Academy program in 2019. As a result of advice from a mentor, North Sea Games pursued admittance to and was accepted for a position in Roblox's 'Accelerator Program', receiving a grant of 50,000 GBP to begin publishing games on their platform. With Roblox's massive user growth serving as a key data point to justify their endeavours, North Sea Games aims to establish itself on an emerging platform that commands the attention of tens of millions of children and young adults. 

Visit their website 

Neo Night 

NeoNight was created with the intent of taking the profound impact games have had on them and building upon that to bring fresh, exciting experiences to the gaming landscape. At the core of all their projects is an aim to inspire all who chose to spend time with them. 

You may know them from: “Kami Critters” and “Always the same blue sky” 

Visit their website 

NE Games 

NE Games was created with one main goal - to develop a new word game app based on the ‚’The Never Ending Game’‚ a principle whereby players play letters towards making words but the player who plays a letter that actually ends a word, loses that round. They have also developed and produced the board game version. 

You may know them from: “The Never Ending Game” 

Visit their website 

Sophie Artemigi Ltd 

Sophie Artemigi Ltd. is a games studio specialising in creating 2D narrative experiences for women and casual gamers. They tell stories about contemporary issues from the perspective of marginalised individuals. 

You may know them from: ‘Hook up’  

Visit their website 

Waving Bear Studio 

Waving Bear Studio is an indie game studio focused on building and growing IPs across multiple platforms and physical merchandise. 

You may know them from: ‘Stuffed’ 

Visit their website 

Brainspark Games 

Brainspark Games is building an eduverse of free culturally nuanced, 3D immersive educational mobile games aligned with the British national curriculum, for 7-14 year olds. 

You may know them from: “Xplorealms” 

Visit their website 

W.R.K.S Games 

WRKS Games is a multi-platform multi-genre games developer and publisher that is about to enter the mobile gaming space. 

You may know them from: ‘Shinobi Rising’ 

Visit their website 

The Next Hype 

The Next Hype are a UK-based mobile games studio. They’re backed by Voodoo, staffed by pioneers, and are working to evolve the hypercasual sub-genre. 

You may know them from: ‘What the Duck’ and ‘Roll & Fly’ 

Visit their website 

First Light Games 

First Light Games is The New Wave Game Studio. They use the power of web3 to make amazing games where players own their own assets and help direct the product roadmap. They’re currently working on the top down Battle Royale extravaganza Blast Royale. 

You may know them from: Blast Royale 

Visit their website 

Dweller Games 

Dweller Games is a four-person game development studio made up of University of South Wales graduates. The key philosophy of Dweller Games is to make games that they are proud of, and that their audience is proud to play. In short, they aim to create games that we feel the world needs at that time, bringing their own unique flair to whatever is the current project, while creating games for and/or about underrepresented communities in gaming. 

You may know them from: “Baby Planet Go” 

Visit their website 

More Fun With Games 

More Fun With Games (MFWG) creates immersive, interactive, psychogeographic, storytelling games combining history and mystery. Our games are designed to be played digitally and in person, combining mixed media, ARG, AR, adaptive audio and theatre with community, history and culture.  They are creating ethical, accessible,  

playful experiences and adventures utilising sustainable processes and props. Collaborating with local freelancers and small businesses, they craft bespoke experiences with a range of episodic content and a compelling cast of continuing characters.  

You may know them from “Unveiled” 

Visit their website 

MYU Creations 

MYU Creations is creating ROBIN, which is a game and app, helping young people deal with their emotional well-being by finding, connecting, communicating and understanding themselves, allowing them to move forward to be productive and happy in their lives. MYU Creations is a start-up focused on the realisation and go-to-market of the ROBIN concept. 

You may know them from: ROBIN 

Visit their website 

Skyline Studios Games 

Skyline Studios Games is a team who came together for the Tranzfuser 2022 competition, the goal of this competition was to produce a working prototype of a game that could be demoed at EGX 2022. Escalar was that new and exciting I.P. which we decided to continue development of. As a studio they believe that the smallest details often make the biggest impact, we aim to create games that offer a unique twist on classic genres! 

You may know them from: “Escalar” 

Visit their website 

Wharf Street Studios  

Wharf Street Studios is an animation and game development company known for its entertainment and games product ‚they are the creator of ”Epiko Regal” which is a blend of a tower defence game, Augmented Reality digital collectibles and cinematic motion comics. They have been nominated by Barclays for the ‚Barclays Next Level Award 2022‚ and has been recognized by Government of India and UK government for its innovation and disruptive product using emerging technologies. Epiko Regal also received Toycathon Award in 2021. 

You may know them from: “Epiko Regal” 

Visit their website 

Fish Bladder Games


 Fish Bladders Game's vision is for a healthier and more sustainable future for children

They are on a mission to empower children to take ownership of their future and improve their physical and emotional wellbeing by building an extended reality playground. They intend to develop beyond where we are now, at prototype stage, and self publish game, building a team with the requisite skills to bring it to life.

You may know them from: "Planet Possible"

Visit their website