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Nominations for Ukie Video Game Awards 2024

Nominations for the 10 categories at the Ukie Video Games Awards, delivered in partnership with Bastion, are now live.

Voting has now opened, and closes on 13th February. The nominated contact for each Ukie member has been sent the voting form, and each member gets to cast one vote in each category. The Ukie membership is 650+ games companies from across the UK and from every sub sector of the industry. This gives us a truly representative group of voters. 

The Ukie Video Game Awards nominations are:

Best UK Mobile Game

⭐ Desta: The Memories Between (ustwo games)

⭐ Football Manager 2024 Mobile / Touch (Sports Interactive)

⭐ Sonic Dream Team (SEGA HARDlight)

⭐ The Isle Tide Hotel (Wales Interactive)

⭐ The Queen’s Gambit Chess (Rockwater)

⭐ Ultimate Sackboy (Exient)

Best PC Game

⭐ Boltgun (Auroch Digital)

⭐ Football Manager 2024 (Sports Interactive)

⭐ Shadows of Doubt (Fireshine Games)

⭐ Stronghold: Definitive Edition (Firefly Studios)

⭐ Tin Hearts (Rogue Sun)

⭐ Viewfinder (Sad Owl Studios)

Best UK Console Game

⭐ Disney Illusion Island (Dlala Studios)

⭐ Paleo Pines (Italic Pig)

⭐ The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Sumo Nottingham)

⭐ Tin Hearts (Rogue Sun)

⭐ Viewfinder (Sad Owl Studios)

⭐ Wonders: Pyramids of Giza (PRELOADED)

Best UK Mixed Reality Game (VR, AR, XR)

⭐ Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR (Ubisoft Leamington and Ubisoft Reflections)

⭐ Drop Dead - The Cabin (Soul Assembly)

⭐ PowerWash Simulator VR (FuturLab)

⭐ Synapse (nDreams)

⭐ The Last Worker (Wolf & Wood / Oiffy)

⭐ Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway (Aardman)

Sustainability Champion

⭐ Sports Interactive/SEGA

⭐ Sumo Group

⭐ Testronic

⭐ ustwo games

Diversity and Inclusion Champion

⭐ Adam Boyne (BetaJester)

⭐ Fresh Seed

⭐ nDreams

⭐ Ripstone

⭐ SpecialEffect

⭐ Sumo Group

Best UK Developer

Sponsored by Oktra

⭐ Flix Interactive

⭐ FuturLab

⭐ nDreams

⭐ Playground Games

⭐ Sumo Digital

⭐ Wales Interactive

Best UK Publisher

Sponsored by Barclays

⭐ Exient

⭐ Kwalee

⭐ nDreams

⭐ Secret Mode

⭐ Wales Interactive

⭐ Yogscast Games

Rising Star

⭐ Bonsai Collective

⭐ Isokron

⭐ Rockwater

⭐ Sad Owl Studios

⭐ Sketchbook Games

⭐ Skyline Studios Games

UK Game of the Year

⭐ All nominees are those that have been nominated for best mobile, console, PC and mixed reality.

Winners for each category will be chosen by the Ukie members.The top three voted nominees in each category make up the short list which will be published on 15th February. One of these will be announced as the winner on Thursday 7th March at a dinner event in Birmingham.

This is a ticketed dinner, email sam@ukie.org.uk for more details.