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Free games industry colouring book

Ukie’s colouring book is now ready for you to download for free.

With special thanks to all our amazing contributors, this colouring book is jam-packed full of artwork, for everyone to enjoy. Inspired by the theme ‘play at home’, you can explore art from students through to games industry professionals.

You’ll see a variety of interpretations of the main theme throughout; immortalising how a variety of people are playing at home at this very moment. I think this is poignant as we - the whole world - continue to endure this pandemic together and find comfort in activities that we love.

In these strange times, I hope you get something positive from the book too.

Perhaps you can use this as a mindfulness tool or even gather some inspiration for creating your very own artwork which depicts what ‘play at home’ means to you. Either way, I look forward to seeing your colouring in! Please share with us using the hashtag #ColourwithUkie.

Take care and stay connected.

Download colouring book here

If you’ve enjoyed this book, please consider making a voluntary donation to one of our chosen charitable causes below.

From Shahneila Saeed, Head of Education at Ukie and Director of Digital Schoolhouse:

“Colouring is a well-known way to aid relaxation, and it comes so naturally to us. Like play, it is intrinsic to human nature and it is something that most of us do as soon as we can hold a pencil.


Thanks to our generous contributors, we have brought together a collection of amazing art for everyone to enjoy.


Here, you can see how making a game isn’t just about programming. Making games is multi-disciplinary, and artists play a huge part in telling these interactive stories that so many of us love.


We hope that this book will make its way into the hands of children, classrooms and schools across the country and begin to play its part to dispel some of the myths and stereotypes around the video games industry.


The wealth of talent within the video games industry and adjacent fields is extraordinary, and as you explore the pages of this book you will discover that artwork has been contributed by a variety of people - of different ages and disciplines - illustrating the fact that creativity is truly boundless.

While this may be a challenging time, we hope this book sparks your own imagination and allows you to lose yourself in a colourful haven. Perhaps you will gain some mindful respite or maybe it will just be a fun thing to do as part of your day.


If we can also use this resource to support the many heroes out there on the front line of this pandemic, we have also played a small part in supporting the cause, where we can.


Whichever way you enjoy this book, we hope you get something positive from its pages.”

Download Ukie’s colouring book here. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Laura mail