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Konami's new publishing venture: Richard Jones, Senior European Brand and Business Development Manager, talks to us about what his team is looking for

Looking to get a game published? Then you might be interested to know that Konami has made its first strides into the world of publishing and that it is actively looking for games to take on board.

The venture, which has come out of Konami's team in the West, has already gotten its first release away in the form of Ukuza’s Skelattack. But why make this foray now? What is the team looking for? And how can you get your game in front of Konami’s publishing team?

We sat down with Richard Jones, Konami's Senior European Brand and Business Development Manager,  to talk through all this and more, including this top tips for pitching. You can watch the full interview below:

And if you want to contact the team directly, make sure to email Rich at rjuk11@konami.com with your pitch to have a chance of having your game make their line up.