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New games business Standard Contracts with Ukie and Harbottle & Lewis

The UK's games industry is full of some of the brightest creative talent, designing some of the the best-loved games in the world. Their main priority is to be making engaging creative content, rather than worrying about the legal practices involved in setting up a games business. 

Harbottle & Lewis

For this reason, Ukie has teamed up with our members, legal experts Harbottle & Lewis, to provide quick and simple Standard Contracts to give a starting point when drafting games business legal contracts. We already had a pack of seven existing Standard Contracts, which have been refreshed by the Harbottle & Lewis team to remain relevant to the fast-changing business models that exist in a 2016 games industry. These contracts include: 

- Employment Agreement
- Consultancy Agreement
- Mutual NDA
- One-way NDA
- Web Privacy Policy
- Website Terms of Use
- Development Agreement

Check out the updated Standard Contracts

Today, we're releasing this updated bundle, and over the course of the next three weeks, we'll be releasing a pack of two new contracts every week. The new contracts that Harbottle & Lewis have written specifically for games businesses include: 

- Composer Agreement
- Music Synchronisation Agreement
- Contributor Agreement (Voiceover & Similar)
- Director's Loan Agreement
- Tools Licence Agreement 

How to use these standard contracts

They have been drafted as simple starting points for you to use when drafting your contracts and do not constitute legal advice from Harbottle & Lewis or Ukie.

  • You’ll therefore need to change the document to fit your requirements – where possible we’ve highlighted where some of the main changes will be needed.
  • If you make significant changes to the documents you should speak to a lawyer. 
  • If you want further advice on any of the standard contracts, please get in touch with Alan Moss from Harbottle & Lewis. 

We'll be publishing the new contracts in packs of two over the coming weeks, so keep a look out if there's a contact in the list that might be useful to you. Email Dan if you would like to see any other new contracts that we can include in future bundles too!