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NFTS Let’s Play Graduation Games Showcase

London - 18th May 2021 - On the 25th May 2021 from 18:00 to 20:00 BST, Graduating Games Students from the National Film and Television School will be showcasing their games live online via Zoom. Having had a year to create and develop their games, the eight visionary game designers have worked with a variety of other NFTS students and outside contributors to make a range of incredibly imaginative, exciting and diverse games.

Originally planned to have been showcased at EGX last year but cancelled due to Covid-19, the games students will be presenting themselves and their games to students, fans of their games and those working in the games industry. For all the students this event is an opportunity to showcase their talent, creativity and technical skills. With some students looking to network with those in the industry in hopes of employment and for others, a chance to connect with potential collaborators and people in the industry to help build out their game further. The highly impressive games that will be showcased are:

Sinbad, a 3D sandbox platformer inspired by the stories in 1001 Arabian Nights and games like Mario and A Hat in Time made by Russell Al-Medenni. Playing with a magic lamp Sinbad and his best friend Hassan are suddenly transported into the world of the lamp, with Hassan being transformed into a magic carpet. Stuck in a strange land, the pair must venture on to find a way to turn Hassan back to normal and return home.

Outcast: Exile, a 3rd person stealth platformer designed by Jon Palframan. A monk, devout to the religion of D’ana who has risen to the ranks of The Chosen is outcast from the zealot monk brotherhood after criticizing their hypocrisy. In retribution he travels back to their monastery where he must use his teleportation abilities to sneak past the merciless monks and destroy the necklace of Amaran from which they draw their own dark magical power.

CoVRt Operation, is the must-play, immersive spy experience from rising game creator, Guy Sargent. As Evil henchmen 697, you are flung into a virtual White House, forced to escape, unseen, after a covert operation goes horribly wrong on the eve of the US elections. Now, put on the headset and escape!

City 80, a 1st person narrative game. In 2161, 48 million people disappeared from the city, but only two remained: Leto Nagata and her grandfather Bivo, who left shortly after the tragedy. Leto must go back to City 80 to complete her grandfather's work and find the truth.

Tales from the Rift, a third person adventure game set in a Japanese forest inspired by an ancient folklore. Kaida, a Koro-pok-guru is searching for her missing friend Hitoshi who went missing the night before. Unbeknownst to her, Hitoshi was abducted by an old demi-god whose heart has been corrupted and is now consumed with greed. Run, climb and hide from the Dai-Tengu as you try and save your friend from his evil clutches!

Close Protection, an exciting 3D strategy game where players pit their wits against increasingly dangerous situations. As the head of a team of highly trained bodyguards, you must assemble your close protection detail based on their skills and complete the mission by reacting to threats and safely escorting your VIP to their destination.

String, a rhythm game that challenges the player's sense of rhythm, giving to the player a feeling of accomplishment and relaxation.

The Free Will, a stream-of-consciousness 3D game that explores the freedom of humanity. In the game, you will embark on a journey where you find the true will of your heart. Interacting with the objects and switching between different existences. Come and prepare for your free will to be unleashed.

The National Film and Television School is a center of excellence for creative people entering the games industry. Please join us for an evening showcase of the graduating students' work, played live via Zoom.

Event and Sign Up Details:

Tuesday, 25th May 2021, 18:00 – 20:00 BST, Eventbrite Link

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