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Switch it up - get your game discovered on Switch with the help of Nintendo

Nintendo Switch is now more than 4 years old and home to many thousands of fantastic games from 1st, 2nd and 3rd parties, spanning many genres.

In 2021 Nintendo would like to work even harder to make sure existing owners, and potential owners, are aware of this fantastic range.

From July (for a period of 6 weeks), we would like to run a video campaign with selected partners, promoting their titles to ‘Non-Switch Owners’ via Biddable video networks. Within this 6-week window, each partner will choose a 1-week window of promotion.

Partner game footage will be used in a 30-second campaign template, designed to show the game in action, combined with Nintendo Switch branding, coming from Nintendo itself.

See below for example

Partner Offering

  • Nintendo would like to invite key partners to take part in the campaign, with their games being exposed via a Nintendo design template, with messaging coming from Nintendo. The campaign window is ‘July – Sept 2021’ and partners will be live for a 1 or 2-week window during this period (budget dependent). Phase 7 of this campaign brings together all our learnings from previous phases as well as 4 years of running Switch video campaigns.
  • There is no cost for the campaign production (Nintendo will cover all assets production costs)NUK would like to contribute media budget in a 1:1 capacity. Whatever media budget you would like to put forward will be matched by Nintendo, with a minimum spend of £5k and a maximum spend of £15k per title. This means the total campaign budget will be a minimum £10k and a maximum £30k.
  • Once the budget is agreed, Nintendo will front the entire media cost and invoice 50% back to you once the campaign has run.
  • We would encourage partners to also run the videos organically across their own UK platforms. 

What will I need?

Upon agreement of timings and budget, we will send you a detailed list of asset requirements. We will need a small selection of assets (game + partner logo, game + partner copyrights, high-res packshot or eShop tile), 30 second gameplay trailer that will then be used to create the campaign assets, and which will be sent to you for approval.

We need approximately 2 weeks from the receipt of assets to get a campaign live.

A more detailed assets request will be sent once you have indicated your interest. 

Next Steps

  1. Please respond to chandra@kickassproductions.co.uk if you would like to be included. We understand that the process of signing off budget / deciding on budget can be complicated, especially in light of Coronavirus but it would be useful for us to know if you would like to be involved ‘in principal’.
  2. We will then send you more details, as needed, for example an overview of the Media Plan, a detailed asset request etc so that production can begin.
  3. We will create a draft contract, detailing the financial budget match agreement between both parties
  4. Once you have decided on how much budget you would like us to match, we will finalise and send over the final contract, which must be signed by both parties before promotion begins.