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Winners of the Ukie Student COLLAB-JAM: Ogre Time by Teeth for Hair

Yesterday we crowned our Ukie Student Collab-Jam winners and we'd like to congratulate Team Teeth For Hair with their game, Ogre Time


The winning team consists of students from Staffordshire University (UK) & National University of Theatre and Film "I.L. Caragiale" (ROMANIA):

Dragos Moldovanu-Tonita - Programming
Greta Nedelcu - Art & Animation
Dragos Damian - Level Design & Sound
Emily Perry - Programming

And their mentor, Andreea Mitea (Sharkmob).

In a first ever, the Ukie student game jam saw teams paired up from the UK and EU, with collaboration being a fitting team for the students to work together across borders (virtually) as well as create a game with the theme of collaboration in mind. 

Each student team was also assigned an industry mentor for support throughout the game jam. 

Our Social Champions Award went to ONT Games, who were incredibly active on twitter and drove a very impressive engagement throughout the 48 hours! 

We also crowned the Best Mentor Award whih went to Kosala Ubayasekara, whose teams, GoaTeam & Vigawich, could not rave enough about their amazing support during the game jam. 

Ogre Time - about the winners

Inspired by the idea that the big should help the small, and that all kinds of people have different skills they can bring to the table, Ogre Time is a two player platformer puzzle, played on a single keyboard. One player controls a giant ogre, and the other his tiny hooded rescuer. Both players must use each character's unique skills to escape from the dungeon the ogre has been caged in, avoiding or defeating guards and traps that intend to impede their progress.

The winning team will win travel and travel and accommodation to visit Sharkmob’s studios in Malmö or London for up to 3 nights in 2022 - sponsored by Sharkmob + more prizes! 

A huge thank you also to our sponsors, Sharkmob, Dell, Epic Games, Hi-Rez Studios, Platform & Hangar 13, and to our fantastic judges.