The latest games industry census launched in March 2022. Read the latest census report here.

The UK Games Industry Census is a first-of-its-kind report, delivering the most comprehensive and detailed assessment of diversity within the UK games industry workforce ever conducted.

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About this report

Written by Dr. Mark Taylor of the University of Sheffield and funded via the Arts & Humanities Research Council, this independent analysis focuses on three main areas:  the kinds of work that games industry workers do, their personal characteristics, and their backgrounds. By asking questions that could be compared against those from other sectors, national datasets or by digging into how multiple characteristics fit together, we were able to gain a very clear view of both areas where games can celebrate and where clear challenges lie.

This census was completed by over 3,200 games workers, or around 20% of the overall workforce, between September and October 2019. By using both open and targeted recruitment methods, we were able to ensure a truly representative sample of people working across the sector.

Key findings

In summary

These findings, as well as the further detail found throughout this report, reveals the complex and unique make-up of the UK games workforce. While there are many positive stories within the data, it is clear there are some key challenges that the industry must also understand and address.

Going forward, the sector will need to build both short and long-term strategies that continue to help support and retain existing talent, as well as encourage engagement and recruitment among those who are less well represented.

Download the full report here