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Navigating the Now: Preparing for the new normal & Ukie Game Showcase

COVID-19 has changed the way many industries conduct business. So we've brought together a variety of experts to help UK games businesses adapt to those changes and continue to succeed. 

On 03rd & 04th June, Ukie will be hosting Navigating the Now, an event aimed at delivering insights to help businesses prepare now for future success. This will consist of a series of informative talks from industry professionals, along with the Ukie Game Showcase, aimed at providing UK games studios with the opportunity to showcase their work to publishers, investors and the press.

The industry has been effected by the cancellation of international trade shows and events. As such, Ukie wants to give these studios the opportunity to showcase their games and outline what they're looking for. 

The event itself will be held across two days.

The running order for Navigating the Now & Ukie Game Showcase is:

  • Day One 03rd June - Navigating the Now talks - 10:00am - 1:00pm
  • Day One 03rd June - Ukie Game Showcase -  2:00pm - 4:00pm 
  • Day Two 04th June - Ukie Game Showcase - 10:00am - 12:00pm 

If you’re a publisher, investor or part of the press then please contact Leon@ukie.org.uk for more information. 

Register for the event for free here

Follow the event on social #UkieGameShowcase & #NavigatingNow.

Day One (03rd June)

The first day of the event will consist of a series of informative talks aimed at helping businesses navigate these uncertain times and adapt to the current situation for future success. The actual content also provides access to understanding new skills and techniques. 

  • Navigating the Now: Preparing for the New Normal - 10:00am - 1:00pm 


Funding your studio in a pandemic. 

A quick look through the various financial options open to games companies during the current pandemic including – the UK Gov’s COVID-19 support, tax reliefs and other funding opportunities. This will be a virtual fireside chat between Tim Davies, Head of Games Finance at Sheridans & George Osborn, Head of Communications at Ukie.


Tim Davies, Head of Games Finance, Sheridans

Current situation surrounding IP protection from a practical point of view and services offered

Explaining the challenges protecting game IP from theft in the digital age, when even the smallest/cheapest in-game item can be sold thousands of times for profit.  How hackers and scammers are targeting companies and customers and what measures can be implemented. This will be a virtual fireside chat with Mo Ali, IP Coordinator at Ukie & George Osborn, Head of Communications at Ukie.


Mo Ali, IP Coordinator, Ukie 



No, you (probably) don't need a Discord!

TikTok, Twitter, Discord, Facebook, there are so many places to talk about your game for free! Videogame marketing consultant, Korina, helps you figure out which platforms are best for your title and how to make the most of them.


Korina Abbott, Director, Neonhive



How gamers are consuming content?

With more people consuming and playing video games than ever before, how has this shaped the definition of a gamer and their media and content consumption habits? How have these habits been affected by COVD-19 and how do we see them evolving in the future?


Tom Wallace, Managing Director & Founder, COUSIN Media Group Ltd



How To Pitch Over Video Calls

Joakim is an entrepreneur, with fifteen years of experience from two venture-backed gaming startups, including Next Games, the company behind The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land and The Walking Dead: Our World. Now he’s running Elite Game Developers, a company that helps entrepreneurs in starting their first games company.

Pitching your company to investors via video is awkward. It’s frequently hard for the founder’s ideas and personality to shine through a small web camera. Having now experienced a handful of pitch meetings in the last couple of weeks, Joakim will share some of the pitfalls for founders to avoid.


Joakim Achren, Founder and CEO, Elite Game Developers: 

Evaluating the videogame market in turbulent times.

Covering the first few weeks of lockdown, we look at the early effects COVID-19 is having on our purchase behaviour in console games. Spanning both digital and physical console games we focus on how the market place is changing and take a look at the shoppers themselves who are purchasing consoles titles.


Sam Causley, Client Manager, Entertainment

More speakers to be announced soon. 

Ukie Game Showcase: Day One (03rd June)

The second part of the first day, will be the start of the Ukie Game Showcase, giving studios the opportunity to showcase their work to publishers, investors or press. 

  • Ukie Game Showcase - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Click each of images below to be taken to each studios respective page to learn more about them, their game and what they're looking for.

Scroll down for the line up of day two. 

Spilt Milk Studio (Stargrave)

Niffler (Chuck’s Challenge 3D 2020)

Playtra Games (Grid Fight)

Story Juice (The Glass Ceiling Games)

Forwardfor Ltd. (Idle Animals)

Huey Games (Wreckout)

ScribbleScape (This is Reality)

Made by Titans (Squishy Sports)

Stone Spark Games (Pax Narcotica: The Line)

Pretty Digital (Kissy Kissy!)

Aura Games (The Requiem Network)

Branching Narrative Ltd (Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure)

Ukie Game Showcase: Day Two (04th June)

The second and final day of the event is a continuation of the Ukie Game Showcase. Ukie is looking to give as much exposure as possible to these developers. Day two developers showcasing are particularly interested in speaking with press. 

  • Continuation of Ukie Game Showcase - 10:00am - 12:00pm 

Click each of images below to be taken to each studios respective page to learn more about them, their game and what they're looking for.

Milky Tea Studios (HyperBrawl Tournament)

Sketchbook Games (Lost Words: Beyond the Page)

Dovetail Games (The Catch: Carp & Coarse)

PQube Ltd (Tears of Avia)

PQube Ltd (Inertial Drift)

PQube Ltd (Warborn)

Excalibur Games (Craftlands Workshoppe)

UpperRoom Games (Wavey the Rocket)

Phigames (Recompile) 

Party Llama Games (Pandora: Chains of Chaos)

Hopking and Pope (Frog Island) 

Event Partners


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